Beginner's Group

Learning to board together!

Do you want to experience with others the pleasure of snowboarding?

In the beginner's group I will show you how to, step by step achieve, and master your first Runs.

The first time on the board can be accelerating and fun experience. A qualified and solid training is the key to success.

From Day 1 I will show you the correct techniques and tricks needed to master the slope, and enjoy a relaxed and safe boarding experience.

Beginner courses will be held in the mornings only, which will enable You in the afternoon to practice for yourself the tips and techniques you have learned.

Goals: to get used to the equipment; to slide; to use the lifts; then first turns and runs

You're a small group of similar standard, and wish for an individual and flexible course? Contact me!

Private lessons are also available for Beginners and Children (min. age 8yrs)

Try out session

If you are uncertain, You may on Sunday join the group and try it out. If You wish to continue, the price paid, will off course be deducted from the normal course tariff!

*group rates apply with a minimum of 4 persons –  should number of participants drop below, we offer indiviudual solutions

Changes of pricelist possible